Halcyon Wireless offers a specialized and experienced team of RF engineers to meet your company's growing need for In-Building Design high-level RF network and technical services.

Our multi-talented team of wireless telecommunications system engineers can help meet your company's growing need for high-level RF technical expertise. Our comprehensive background and diverse skills can design and analyze RF sites for cellular, PCS and broadband wireless technologies. We provide complete In-Building Solutions including but not limited to RF Design using ibWave, CW Testing, Baseline Testing, Installation & Commissioning, Walk testing and optimization of the DAS network.

Our Service offerings include:

  • RF Design Services
    In-Building Design Services
    Macro Network Design Services
  • RF Optimization
    RF Drive testing - GSM, CDMA, UMTS, Wi-mAx, LTE
    RF Coverage Analysis and Optimization
  • Benchmarking Analysis
    GSM/CDMA/iDEN/UMTS/WimAX/LTE - 700 MHZ, 850 MHZ, 1900 MHz, 2100 MHz
  • Drive Testing
    911 Call Testing, Integration testing, Shakedown, Re-Homing, Pre- and Post-Civils, Pre-Launch Optimization
  • Coverage Analysis: Comprehensive study of the market, coverage area, coverage holes and recommendations to possible coverage problems.
  • Capacity Analysis: Capacity planning, cell blocking analysis, traffic Projections, busy hour parameters.
  • Frequency Planning and Coordination: Frequency plan analysis and proposals to solve existing frequency plan limitations either between neighbors or systems.
  • Project Management: Project tracking from cell design, site acquisition, construction to site turn-up.
  • Measurement Integration: We can export, process and manipulate drive-test data into a powerful presentational mapping format and display actual system performance for advanced coverage analysis.
  • Carey Contour Analysis: This analysis studies the impact a new site's coverage contour will have on existing system coverage. The resulting cumulative coverage (Carey) contour provides an alternative showing of a site or sites' contour that can be used to protect market ownership.
  • Network Design: Network site design on where to place sites based on marketing strategies, traffic projections, market penetration, calling pattern, busy hour, etc. review, study and preparation of the site candidates on a map to be sent to site acquisition people.
  • Interference Analysis: Research, study and recommendations of existing interference in the market. Interference can be adjacent channel, co-channel, inter-modulation products, etc..
  • Link-Budget Analysis: Link-budget formulation verifies the system parameters, computes the power required in the base station and balances the path between the base station and the mobile unit.
  • Network Competitive Analysis: Halcyon Wireless can perform a Network Competitive Analysis by driving your network and comparing your overall network performance to your competitor's network. Halcyon Wireless uses an independent competitive methodology consistently resulting in reliable and non-biased data acquisition and analysis. Several networks can be compared at once. We customize our Network Competitive Analysis to suit your needs. Network competitive data can provide:
    • Prioritization to improve problem areas
    • Marketing data to determine heavy traffic areas, and help in reducing churn by your customers - Network performance, and coverage are a key factor in keeping customers - a way to sell your overall coverage strengths versus your competitors.
  • Benchmarking Analysis: This type of testing is used for overall network performance,rather than for optimization. Halcyon Wireless can drive your network cluster on a periodic basis to assess overall network performance. This ongoing service is critical in locating heavy traffic areas on your network, how sales are affecting the network capacity, and whether the system is performing as expected.
  • Network Planning: Halcyon Wireless offers comprehensive Network Planning services to help you expand existing networks, design new mobile networks, and to optimize your investment in GSM, iDEN, or IS-95 infrastructure. Our specialty is the adaptation of your network towards next-generation network services including 2.5G (GPRS,1xRTT) and 3G (UMTS and cdma2000). Our RF technical team can help you to:
    • Find the best path for evolving your network towards 3G dataservices
    • Balance network quality to optimize for both voice and data services
    • Optimize the use of your network planning resources and gain experience via knowledge transfer
  • Drive Testing: Specializing in Network Optimization, Halcyon Wireless provides acomprehensive set of drive test services for wireless operators worldwide. Working closely with tower owners and the large portfolio of sites that Halcyon Wireless has audited, we have a large database of measurement results for thousands of US cellular properties. We can leverage this data, and provide you with custom drive test routes, to provide unbeatable speed to market for new and existing wireless carriers.
  • Utilizing state-of-the-art measurement equipment, we provide:
    • Quality of Service measurements Coverage Verification (GSM, AMPS, CDMA, iDEN)
    • Competitive Analysis (e.g. for marketing support)
    • Optimization Services (TEMS, MAPINFO, GRAYSON, DTS)
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